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Dr.Betotte TC app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9200 ratings )
Music Education
Developer: Seishu Murakami
9.99 USD
Current version: 4.0.6, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 18 Sep 2008
App size: 31.91 Mb

Supper accurate multi division programmable metronome—Almost any kind of complex rhythms can be built up easily with six independent note divisions in conjunction with Multi Beat function. You can assign your choice of music note, polyrhythm setting, tuplet setting or a sequence you created to each division. All settings can be saved for later recall and stored in a playlist. Coach function,loop timer, tuning tone generator, pendulum animation and flashing function will help your practice.

• Generate frame level accuracy of pulse.
• 6 independent note divisions.
• Assign your choice of note value, polyrhythm setting, tupet setting or a sequence you created for each division (except Beat division).
• Volume slider and mute buttons for each division.
• Assign your choice of sound sample from preset sounds or your own sounds for each division.
• Multi beat mode—you can set up to 64 beats per cycle with the beat sound on any selected beats to create complex rhythms. Playback velocity for each selected beat can be adjusted.
• All of your setting ,including BPM and sound for each division, can be saved for later recall and stored in a playlist.
• Sound-Set—Create a set of sounds for quick sound change.
• Coach functions—Gradual up down / Quiet count. Unlimited number of settings can be saved.
• Visual effects—Pendulum animation and flashing screen.
• Tap tempo.
• Halftime function.
• Adjustable swing feel functions.
• Loop timer function.
• Tuning tone generator—adjustable frequency and note.
• Sync library and settings on multiple devices via iCloud.
• Appearance can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Pros and cons of Dr.Betotte TC app for iPhone and iPad

Dr.Betotte TC app good for

Best metronome app. Some function I have never seen elsewhere. Great to work!
Very nice metronome, but please add a feature that you can switch off the display to save battery life!
Update 3.1: Awesome! This version finally allows you to turn off the screen while continuing to listen to the metronom. Saves you a lot of your battery. Thanks a lot Seishu! I find this a bit expensive but since you now can use it with the screen turned off I think its the best metronome you can get for the iPhone atm. Original Review: Although I applaud the recent updates (v 2.0. & 3.0) and the great improvements that came with them my main hang-up still isnt fixed. What has been bothering me since the first version, is the fact, that the display cant be turned off, while the metronom is running. That means your battery will run dry quite fast. Please fix this! Cant be too hard: Similar Apps (Tempo 1, Tempo 2 e.g.) already implemented this functionality. And could you please make the Tempo Up/Down buttons more responsive? Sometimes not very responsive. And add the functionality to move up/down the Tempo in steps of 10 for faster Tempo changing. Positive - pendular-metronom (3.0) (this is extremely helpful and I use it to practice with sound turned off, try it and check your timing!) - Setlist-feature - Landscape-mode included (3.0) Suggestions - add possibility to turn of screen - Tempo up/down in Steps of 10 - increase the size of the responsible area for the tempo up/down buttons, to make them more responsive (only for the normal view, landscape is fine of course) Besides that: Keep up the great work.
Since the last update this has become my favorite metronome app. You can finely adjust the volume of any subdivision of the beat, there is a variable swingfactor for eighth notes and sixteenth notes and you can gradually increase or decrease the tempo (or both sequentially). Great Metronome!
I highly recommend this metronome. You can practice with increasing or decreasing automatic tempo, great for practicing techniques!
I like all the features in this metronome. The automatic tempo slope and timer are great for practice sessions. While confusing at first, there are great options for setting subdivisions. I do wish there was a different mode with a large visual or even vibrating pulses for perfomance. And the interface on the main page is full of frustratingly small touch buttons that be tough to activate. And the price is a little high. But overall really good.

Some bad moments

Im missing the old design thats not so dark. Also theres a bug in the quiet counting section, where its only possible to quiet count 8 Bars and nothing else. Also the navigation got really worse. Please cancel the update, it isnt gotten better!
Very disappointed no support poor instructions not worth $9.99!
I just had both ProTools and Dr. Bettote produce click tracks at 88 BPM. Dr. Bettote failed to stay on beat along side my ProTools rig. I may use Bettote for a rough BPM estimate, but nothing more.
Would be great to add the "film/post" click. Cant seem to find a metronome that has that sound.
Although this metronome has some really great features, it fails at its most basic cant keep time. Ive compared it to both my Dr. Beat DB-90 and a stop watch and it slows down EVERY time (although sometimes it happens faster than others.) If keeping exact time isnt important to you its got some cool features, like swing time and can automatically increase the tempo. 2 stars for features 0 stars for tempo inaccuracy. The point of a metronome is to keep a steady beat. If it cant, IMVHO, its worthless.
There is only one reason to use a metronome. Keep time. This does not.